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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 22, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area is live at the scene with nearby workers and what they saw. luckily, there weren't anybody but the people working there and firefighters were able to knock it down pretty fast. >> reporter: that's right. it is friday evening. people are headed home a little earlier than normal at this area. so it looked like that the workers here had already gone home for the day. but for workers who were still in the area working the fire was a little scary with the winds picking up. it was unclear which direction the flames would go. the fire is mostly out now. but this is what it looked like earlier. this is the distribution and donation services for hope services. the fire chief tells us that it looks like a truck was caught on fire, then it spread. several vehicles, some landscaping, trees, donation bins were fully engulfed in flames. the fire started around 4:00. access at first was a problem.
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this property is fenced off and locked, perhaps, for the weekend. so it took a while for crews to get water on the fire, but once they did they attacked it very quickly, and it was out within minutes. still, the fire made people in the area nervous. >> i saw a big puff of smoke. and it was pitch-black. and it was actually blowing the direct where i was working at. >> reporter: scary? >> yeah. it's like, where's it at, you know, it looked like it was semi close, but in the middle of where i was looking a, and i was like, i hope people are okay. >> reporter: workers are trying to salvage what's left. hope services not only helps the disabled but employs them too. had the fire happened earlier, there would have been more people here, perhaps complicating matters at this point. we don't know what caused the
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fire. no injuries were reported. there are a lot of burned areas over there. so certainly this is going to hurt this charity. >> thank you, nannette. a lot of donations gone now. hope services is a well-known non-profit organization. it was founded back in 1952 and offers a variety of services, a great help to a lot of people in the community. as nannette said, specifically working with people with developmental disabilities, not only collecting donations but helping with educational services and job placement as well. we're following another developing story, this time inva hay h lay hoe. this is at the alco metal and iron company. no word of any injuries or the cause of this fire.
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new at 6:00. the signs are everywhere and the message is clear, we are in a serious drought. but is anybody getting the message? it doesn't look like they are. michelle roberts is live with a new proposal that would let the grass on city land go brown. >> reporter: that's right. i'm here in front of this sign that really says it all. you're looking at the drought. it's real. save now. this is a reservoir. drivers pass it every day. they can see obviously right now it is completely empty. back in january the governor asked us to conserve 20%. a new report says we're not doing that and we're actually moving in the wrong direction. lush, green grass is easy on the eye, but the water it requires is something californians just can't afford anymore. >> we're already seeing levels drop in this county.
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>> reporter: they receive calls every day, neighbors reporting water wasters. some just aren't getting it. >> this is the time in the summer when we have the opportunity to save the most water, and we're not reaching that goal. >> reporter: the goal is 20%. in april, homeowners in santa clara county saved 13%. in may, 12%. in june and july, only 11. >> we either need to see the end of the drought or save more water. >> reporter: and that's what sam la ciccardo says they should do. >> reporter: they will vote on a proposal that will essentially turn off the sprinklers. >> we're in a drought. and i think people understand, there's a time for all of us to do our part. >> reporter: many homeowners are on board, watering less often and choosing native plants to conserve. >> we live in a desert. so we should let it do its natural thing.
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>> reporter: if you're interesting in changing over your landscape to native plants, the water district is offering a rebate and are hoping to continue that rebate through the fall. >> for more details on how much people are being asked to cut back. water customers in the south bay are asked to cut back by 20%. in the east bay, they're asking for a 10% reduction. and for people who live in san francisco, they're asked to cut back their water use by 10% as well. we ten our drought coverage on our website. click on the story on our front page. that will lead you to our bay area drought watch page. have you heard about the problems at levi's stadium? fro brown to green. this is what the field looks like tons, a far cry from yesterday. now today new grass. they trucked it in this mork and have been installing it all day. it should be playable and safe
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in time for sunday's game. we have team coverage. jeff ranieri has the hot forecast for sunday. we begin with scott budman. money, time and embarrassment. this is not what the 49ers want. >> reporter: no, not at all. this was the first time they actually commented on why they are replacing the turf. here's a little bit about what that looks like and why they are confident about sunday's game. it's been a day of progress. laying down the new levi's stadium field and, after a day of silence, the 49ers spoke out today about why they're replacing the original turf. >> just felt like there's too much slipping going on. and, you know, as it relates to the field, i mean, the action's been taken, you know, we're refitting, regrouping, retooling, and new field is going in, so.
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>> reporter: in fact, while the new turf was being trucked in this morning, the niners hosted some future scientists inside the stadium, then threw down a challenge. >> we thought about something really fun and exciting project for you guys today. so i hope you guys know how to fix the grass that's outside. [ laughter ] >> we're going to make sure that you guys get put to work very early and figure out your engineering prowess. >> reporter: the niners say the new turf is twice as thick as what had been covering the field and is being laid down request an improved process to help it stick to the dirt below. the team is willing to talk about it, to a point. >> you know, as far as, you know, diving into this and peeling back the onion, you know, what for? we, we are getting a new field in. it will be in there for sunday. >> reporter: before letting us know, they'd rather let sunday's football do the talking for them. >> what more can i say about it?
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>> reporter: there you go. coach says he'll be here on sunday. one game already postponed, though, involving some local high school teams that were going to play here on friday the 29th. the 49ers put out a statement saying they are postponing the high school games under the lights until october 10. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> disappointing for those high school kids, i believe it was wilcox and de la salle. it's going to be hot. let's check in with jeff ranieri. candlestick, nice and warm. >> at least for 49ers fans, it's considered to be warmer weather. they are used to that 68 degrees this time of the year. and that third quarter fog rolling in across santa clara, look at the average this time of year, 82.
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and by the third quarter, no fog at all. nothing but bright sunshine. so for our forecast on sunday, it will be in the 80s and plenty of sunshine. at 1:00, 81 degrees, we'll also have winds coming out of the north, 5 to 15 miles per hour. as we get a look at the stadium, there were a lot of folks tweeting last weekend with the first game, jeez, it feels so hot out here. well, a lot of those tweets most likely coming from the away side. you see this photograph back here behind my. that is the grand stands of the away side. it's not sheltered. a lot of open sun there. that's where you're going to find some of the hottest temperatures where the numbers will feel like 84 to 88 degrees. check this out. the on the home side, you've got the very expensive suites out here that provides a lot of shade for anyone sitting out here, and that's the cooler side to be on. >> that's where temperatures will feel from 81 to 84 degrees.
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if you're already thirsty and heading out to that game, you're probably already dehydrated. you want to make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. so for every beer you have you want some water as well. take a hat and protect yourself as well, spf 30 plus. the last game we had there were some 40 people with heat exhaustion and temperatures in the 80s. so important tips here. >> very good reminder. lot of things we're learning about this stadium. coming up we'll hear about the players, football and field safety. and if you're headed to sunday's game, we've got you covered. visit our website, click on the stadium guide. it's a very good resource for all the new parking lots and traffic tips. well, a middle schoolteacher is under arrest tonight, facing child pornography charges.
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he was arrested in his home near the school. he's now being held on $1 million bail. specific details about the arrest haven't been released, so we don't know the extent of those charges. investigators haven't found any local victims. the. is sfpd to blame? a federal lawsuit has been filed. it disputes the police accounts as to what led to a deadly shooting at a park. christie smith is in san francisco with the details. >> reporter: good evening. civil rights attorney john burris is saying that he has information that's much different than the story that police are telling about what happened about that shooting in march. that alex never pointed any type of weapon at officers, but he was still shot. in san francisco's bernal heights park, supports of alex knee hay droe rallied in march. he was shot and killed in by police.
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>> he had a taser on his hip which was part of his uniform. apparently some jogger saw the weapon, thought it was a gun and contacted sfpd. >> reporter: they say he was on his way to work as a security guard. that's why he carried the taser. he stopped to eat, then they don't believe he was acting in an erratic manner. >> he supposedly drew his taser at them, pointed at them and they shot him. >> reporter: shortly after, police said they believed he had a firearm and fired in defense of their lives. there were reports of an armed man pacing and that he was told to show his hands. outside of federal court, the family's attorney says they've filed a civil rights lawsuit alleging excessive force. now we did reach out to san francisco police, but they said they couldn't speak on pending litigation and that the litigation is still active.
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i did reach out to the city attorney's office, but they couldn't comment on a lawsuit that they hadn't seen. christie smith, nbc bay area news. coming up, the change that might make higher education a little more within reach. also -- i'm jodi hernandez. take a look at the sign of the times here. cars with clubs on them on just about every street corner as the city deals with a spike in auto theft. also set one more place at the dining table. we'll see more dogs at more restaurants dining alfresco. we'll explain why.
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it's been a busy summer for car thieves in the east bay. specifically, san leandro. police say car thefts have skyrocketed this summer. and while things have slowed down just a bit here in august, the number of thefts is still astronomical. what's the explanation here?
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>> reporter: well, san leandro police are trying to figure that out. they say mainly it is a crime of opportunity. in fact, a car was stolen from this very street just this past weekend. and take a look at how neighbors are reacting. we found clubs on cars all over this city as thieves target autos in what police call an unacceptable rate. carlos manning never forgets to use the club on his new honda. his family has had not just one, but two cars stolen from in front of their san leandro home, including his prized prelude. >> that was my first baby. i put a lot of blood, sweat and work into that car. it was very sad to see it go. >> reporter: manning is not the only one who's been victimized. police say auto theft in the east bay city has more than doubled in the past five years, peaking last month at four cars a day. >> we're seeing kind of an upward trend in the fact of more
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cars being stolen on average per year. probably about two-thirds the amount that we saw five years ago. we've increased that much. >> reporter: police say the cars most at risk, older model hondas and toyotas. often targeted at shopping centers where there's lots of activity. they are urging drivers to take precautions like using the club and alarm systems while they work to put the brakes on the trend. >> those people that are victimized, it is the worst feeling in the world to know that somebody has violated you, has violated your privacy, taken something from you. it's a horrible feeling. that's why we take it so seriously here. >> reporter: manning says he's not taking chances any more. he also has a low jack system on his new ride. >> it's sad to see somebody stooping that low to take somebody's property, somebody's means of transportation. part of their livelihood to get to work and back and pick up kids from school. >> reporter: and we're back here
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live. you're looking at a good example of what you should do to protect your car. clubs, alarms, and don't forget to lock your doors. police are hoping to turn this trend around very soon. reporting live in san leandro, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. now to the north bay. we now know the names of the men found dead in two neighboring back yards. this was in mill valley. the coroner identified them as theodore rodden. he was found dead on wednesday night. creeden's body was found next door the next morning. the deaths are believed to be a murder suicide. higher ed could reach new heights. a bill is sitting on the governor's desk to allow districts to offer bachelor's degrees in areas that are in high demand. we're talking dental hygiene,
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automotive technology. the state face as major skills gap in the workforce and this measure may help fill the gap. if the governor does sign it, community colleges could start offering the four year degrees next year. other states have similar programs. diners who like to dine out can lunch with their labrador legally. you might be thinking that's not new. lots of places al louf pets. technically, those restaurants have been violating state law. a new bill signed by governor brown who's a dog owner by the way, will al louf dogs in outdoor eating spaces. it's up to individual counties and restaurants whether they want to allow doggy dining. >> i love to bring my doing with me when i go out to eat. it's great to have her with me. >> the new law takes effect
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january 1. >> but do we have to wait until january 1? there's a lot of places i could take my dog to dinner tonight. >> she's breaking the law. >> i think someone's interested in doing that. tonight would be a good night to do that, to dine alfresco. temperatures did get warm throughout parts of the tri valley, danville, san ramon. even a few low 90s. south san jose, 89. fog at the immediate coastline. 70 in the oakland hills. downtown sf at 70. sky cast really tells the story. we are tracking areas of fog building right into san francisco. so it's going to be rolling in for tonight. but across the south bay, continued blue skies this hour. in fact, some of the best weather still remains here with 73 degrees. eventually we'll get a little bit of cloud cover moving into the santa clara valley, but it's
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going to take some time to get here. let's get you in to tomorrow's forecast. things go up just an a little bit warmer. for you in the east bay, don't worry, you're not going to lose your sunshine or hotter temperatures. 88 expected right into the east bay. downtown expecting 71. and for the south bay, 88 degrees. coming up in the full forecast, we'll have details not only on your weekend but on how three tropical storms in the pacific, strop cal systems rather, could be impacting our forecast. coming up -- a law maker on the wrong side of the law. why this state democratic leader is bailing out of jail today. getting the phone call probably saved my life, because most people die in their sleep that have this. >> a medical miracle. how this south bay woman was brought back to life after doctors say she died.
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plus their pain is unimaginable. james foley's farntss open up about their son's execution, the e-mail they got from the captors before they killed their son.
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personal and increasingly political. the murder of u.s. journalist james foley is increasing pressure on the white house to push harder against the terror group isis. his parents talk about the e the mail they got from the captors. >> i actually hoped we could engage in negotiations with them, if they were willing to send us any sort of communication, because we'd had none prior. >> the foleys appeared on "the today show" today. the u.s. dropped bombs on three more isis targets as arguments
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are made. an official said the administration will do what is necessary. the foleys say they are encouraged by the international support they are receiving, even a call from the pope. >> huge comfort. huge comfort. because pope francis, like jesus loves, like jim. he understood jim's heart. >> there may be more sadness coming, though. isis is now threatening to kill another american journalist. steven sotloff. a criminal caper with a strange twist. a california couple. thinking about skipping the drive through wine country? a south bay woman shows a strong heart in overcoming
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death. hear her story of life and death and life again.
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there were some very scary things that happened that i thought i dreamt. >> but this was no dream. it was all very real. this woman died and doctors say was brought back to life. we begin at 6:30 with a story you'll only see here on nbc bay area. it's a story only she can tell.
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a morgan hill woman and her doctors say she was brought back to life after leaving this world. the. >> robert honda is live in san jose to tell us more about her unusual journey, and i bet she plans on not letting this happen again. >> reporter: it is an experience many of us have wondered about, what it's like on the other side. but for this woman it brings insight and apprehension. jennifer is grateful to be going home with her family from the regional medical center in san jose. the 32-year-old woman has an unusual heartbeat rhythm that suddenly stopped. her husband restarted her husband by cpr. she had gotten up to answer the phone. her mother had made the call accidently, apparently through a redial. >> they say getting the phone call probably saved my life. because most people die in their sleep that have this. >> she's so young that the thought of something like this never even crossed my mind.
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>> reporter: while she was technically dead, she said she saw her late father. >> seeing my dad and him saying, it's okay, peanut. you're going to be okay. >> reporter: jennifer's chances are helped by a new wireless defibry later. >> this device is unique in the sense that it takes care of her without touching the heart. >> reporter: you were not ready to go, right? >> i was not. i was clearly not. >> reporter: well, jennifer says while she appreciates her newest device. she says it was her husband's cpr that saved her life, and she hopes that will encourage people to get training. robert honda. >> she was not ready to go. thank you, robert. the to hear more of jennifer's story, go to our website and click on the tab medical miracle. there we've posted her entire interthe view. he's only 16 years old but
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he's locked up. san jose police arrested this teen. he's the second teen allegedly involved in the case. the other one you see on the right was arrested the day aft shooting. investigators say the two shot and killed a man while he was walking along gramercy place. it happened right in the middle of the afternoon while kids were playing outside. police believe the shooting is gang-related. officers arrested a state senator ben wayso on sus drunk driving. he was the one behind the wheel of a state car. he had taken part in a latino caucus dinner. he was honoring latino legislators leaving office.
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according to the state, he may not be allowed to drive a state car anymore. >> on the heels of governor brown's trip to mexico, mexico's president is returning the favor. he will arrive in los angeles next monday. he's scheduled to make a speech to a group of mexican-americans. he will address the state legislature. we're learning more about the grand jury in ferguson, missouri meeting in secret. the 12 members seated, three are african-american. they will decide whether darin wilson will face criminal charges for shooting michael brown. among the evidence to be considered, conflicting witness
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accounts. some say the officer was the initial aggressor when he stopped brown for walking in a roadway. >> it looked like he was trying to force him into a police car or force him to stop walking. >> others say it was brown rushing toward officer wilson. a couple has been found more than once wandering a hospital with a fake baby. members of mercy hospital say a man and woman showed up together with dolls resembling real babies. they also requested medical treatment. they first showed up last saturday and then again on monday. in both cases they were gone before police could arrive. >> who they are, why they're here. they need to have legitimate patient care or business need to be here. >> on their visit on monday, the couple managed to get up to the second floor where the maternity ward is. in at least one instance the woman was wearing a nurse's outfit. a brand new name in wearable
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fitness tries to defend its critics about tracking you too closely. why neighbors fear it's not the last time mountain lions may be seen. a great, summer sunny day with us. fog rolling in across the bay. and we still have blue skies in san jose. we'll track more in your weekend forecast, plus we'll talk about not one, not two, but try tropical systems in the pacific and how that could impact your weekend in a few minutes. the e
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fitness, technology and privacy colliding in the bay area. the fit bit makes devices which monitor athletic performance. critics are challenging the practice of selling users' personal data to advertisers. the federal trade commission is being asked to investigate. they say they will only sell data with a user's permission. here comes the newest -- santa clara valley wants to be the newest wine destination. t they are spreading the news about the wineries. >> the wineries here are internationally award-winning wineries. and what we are doing with this wine trail program is raising
6:38 pm
the awareness to people in this area and out of this area that all of you are here. that agri tourism is alive and well. t >> sure they are. the they are excellent. the critically acclaimed restaurant is coming back from a fire. m manresan is rebuilding and fans can support the restaurant at a fund raising dinner. they are hosting a heritage tomato dinner. tickets are preeicey, $425 each. a frightened dog, you see it running loose along the long
6:39 pm
beach freeway, prompted l.a. commuters to stop their cars and ban together for an impromptu rescue. they made a moving fence to keep the dog on the shoulder. that woman got into a foot chase anchd corralled the dog. the dog is at an animal shelter hoping for a new home. he was a little scared. >> cornering that little dog on the freeway. >> other than a freeway chase of another kind. >> of a four-legged kind. exactly. let's take a live look out at the sky camera network. the typical gray is back. who has the best chance of getting a little bit of drizzle? and what all of it means for your saturday and sunday in just
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a few minutes. t . can't wait to find out. the a's looking to gain some ground with the angels coming to town. hear what the players have to say about turf gate or turfnado or turf greden.
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well, not just one, but three mountain lions spotted in one peninsula community. someone saw the big cats last night. now people who live in the neighborhood are a bit rattled, to say the least. derek shore is live, and as you know, mountain lions common, but not so many spotted at one time. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. we actually just had a neighbor walk up to us a second ago saying they believe it was closer to five mountain lions.
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so the number keeps growing. what deputies are telling us is three mountain lions right at this intersection. and neighbors are concerned with the ongoing drought, it may not be the last time they see them. mountain lions aren't exactly rare on the peninsula. this is youtube video of a mountain lion spotted in nearby woodside. but here in portola valley, a recent sighting has neighbors alert. >> you figure out how to live with it, but when it was reported there were three coming down the road, that's disturbing. >> reporter: they received a report of the wild felines wandering the area of west ridge road, sparking a warning to everyone living here. >> especially with children and animals living here. >> reporter: she like many, keeps dhkee
6:44 pm
keeps dhikens and other small pets. >> when they walk different places, it looks like a group walking around. >> my children have seen them. >> reporter: sonya woods also lives nearby as well. she says three together are not common in this area, but with the ongoing drought, she wonders if animals simply aren't finding what they need where they normally find it -- food and water. >> i have noticed more buck on my property because of the drought, so they may be coming in to hunt for the deer here. >> reporter: and that researcher said about the same thing. those cats may be coming here to look for the deer who may be coming here to find grasses and water. if you see a big cat, a mountain lion, you're told to get very loud, get very big. grab children.
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if they don't leave, you can grab rocks to throw at them to scare them off. >> big and loud. that's the key. thank you very much, derek. a long awaited movie about a legendary high school football team opened nationally today. >> don't let a game define who you are. let the way you live your lives do that. >> the movie "when the game stands tall" features the de la sal football team. it also depekts the tragedy in the 2004 shooting death of teammate terrence kelly. long time head coach is played by jim carecessle. >> we overcame a lot of adversity. that's what it's about. overcoming obstacles. >> he retired as the head coach last year but still helps out as an assistant coach. >> he never talked about winning a game, always talked about
6:46 pm
getting better at practice. >> very tight knit school. >> it's great. can't wait to see that movie. it's 6:45. we're ready to roll. you may want to bring a light jacket. you can see how thick the fog is right across downtown san francisco. normally you can make out the skyline. but it is a fog storm of sorts. 69 degrees. likely a little bit of drizzle if you're traveling across the bay bridge or the golden gate bridge. the westerly wind is so strong we're being impacted by cloud cover already starting now in the north bay. of course downtown san francisco is shrouded in. and on the peninsula in woodside you can see the fog rolling in. some of the best weather tonight, with unlimited visibility here from the observatory camera right now. let's take you into the forecast.
6:47 pm
and we are going to see high pressure building offshore. and the key things you want to know about high pressure, it helps warm temperatures up across the bay area and helps to give us sunny skies. but because it's not building in in just the right direction we're not going to see offshore winds come our way. we'll still get the fog going at the coastline for this weekend. and as you'll see for tomorrow morning as we head into 6:00, 7:00, 8:00. there's a little bit of green showing up, likely have a few areas of spotty drizzle throughout the bay, right near napa, towards oakland, union city and hayward and possibly a little bit across the santa cruz mountains as well. so, again, foggy to start with some patchy h y low clouds. not only clearing for the inland valleys like we've had the last several days, but at the coastline. a rare treat. we will likely see some breaks
6:48 pm
of sunshine at pt. reyes. let's take you to the microclimate forecast. we should see a lot of sun out here. san jose expecting 86 for the daytime high. for the peninsula, getting that wide range temperature spread. for san francisco, the thing you want to notice is most areas will stay in the 60s, but right around downtown, that's likely the spot that will push up to near 71 degrees, also near chinatown as well and around the fisherman's wharf as well. napa, a great day. 85. partly cloudy there throughout the afternoon. sausalito, 73. for the east bay, 76, walnut creek, 89, tri valley looking mighty fine, 88 expected in danville, pleasanton, 87. now there is a word of warning here if you're headed to the
6:49 pm
coastline. not one, not two, but three tropical systems in the pacific. very unusual for the west coast. none of these expecting a west coast landfall, but it is going to be stirring up the pacific enough, it will be rough surf at the local beaches this weekend. if you are going to stay away from the coastline, south bay, 88. san francisco, 71. and for the tri valley, expecting 91. if you're looking for something to do, we've got you covered. danville, music in the park. best thing to remember about this -- it is absolutely pre. gets going at 6:00. 82 degrees, sunny skies. 73 by 8:00. lot going on in the bay area. no big surprise, weather's ing out for us. >> ooh, that looks beautiful. >> thank you, jeff. up next, we're talking giants baseball in the nation's capital. just when you think it's time to panic, a rookie comes through with his first big league home
6:50 pm
run. jim kozimor joins us next.
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jim kozimor joins us. i hear you're like the deep throat. >> yes, let me delph right into it. the turf is being replaced from end zone to end zone. with the game just two days away, the ban dara bermuda grass is going in.
6:53 pm
the new grass should hold up better to frequent use and prevent injury to players. >> hopefully it will just be ready for us to play on sunday. i'm not an expert on it. but hopefully the grass is good and we get ready to play. >> may have to sneak in there. yeah. i'd love to get in there and walk on it. i'm confident they'll do a great job of it. >> you just got to try to, you know, play through whatever surface you're on, you know, i played in green bay last year and it was negative 20. i feel like i can play in anything. >> michael james has been cleared to play on that turf sunday after he dislocated his right elbow just a month ago. he's expected to get some touches as the number three running back. he's behind hyde and will get some return time. a huge night at the coliseum.
6:54 pm
they take on the american west-leading angels. fred gentry is reinstated from the dl. he's been excellent this season. >> we're all about one game at a time. and, you know, we, it hasn't been our best stretch here recently, so it's nice to be able to get, you know, we haven't seen them in a while, and, you know, hopefully this kind of picks our intensity up a little bit. moves us past what was a difficult period for us, really the first one of the year for us. it gets us back to doing some of the things we've been doing from the better part of the season. nats, joe panick.
6:55 pm
first career home run. they're in the eighth inning. giants up 6-2. team usa basketball. damarcus cousins. klay, how about this. taking it in and throwing it down. he's got 12 in this one. third quarter, klay finds curry in the corner. curry knocks down the three. usa up 20. behind the backer, hardin with the finish on the jam. curry had 20. usa wins 112-86. indy car coming to sonoma race way this weekend. teammates willpower and
6:56 pm
castroneves. castroneves trails power. >> in the three championships i've finished second. and it was against another team, but, you know, good problem for penske to have. i'm pretty confident that one of us are going to win the title. obviously, for me, being so close, three times, i really want to take it, but i'm going to do my absolute best to make that happen. and, you know, we'll see what happens. a lot of points on the table there. but man, i'm very determined. >> and some pre-season football. raiders trailing 22-7 at the half. the linebacker is carted off the field with a neck injury. we will update his status tonight. hopefully he is okay. that's your sports on a busy friday night. >> and jessica and i like
6:57 pm
turfnado. >> i like that. i'm ready to star in that. by the way, my nickname is the sod father. so i will be down there in santa clara to check it out. >> the sod father, everybody. >> they keep pulling him back in. >> well done. well done. >> thanks, koez. >> the first wedding at levi's stadium is set for this weekend. we'll hear from the happy couple after dateline. if it seems weird that it's going to be on monday, it is. this is the first time since 1976 it's not going to be on sunday. there are conflicts like the upcoming mtv music awards. they will have to fight traffic like the rest of us. in case you miss it and want to waf it again, you can watch it at 8:00. >> enjoy the weekend. we hope to see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
new video, nick cannon under siege about his split from mariah. >> are you and mariah heading for a divorce? >> why talking could cost him million, now on "extra." >> nick cannon shaked down by the paparazzi in new york. >> do you have anything to say? is it true? >> reports mariah hit him win a gag order and how much he stands to lose if he speaks about their split. breaking couples news. gwynn tonight and what she's saying about chris marty and his fling with jen far lawrence. >> on my annual


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